Lance Rushing

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To obtain a leadership position with a dynamic, hardworking team utilizing my experience in delivering cloud technology solutions.

Technical Summary

  • Preferred Programming Languages: Go, Python, PHP, Javascript, C#, SQL.
  • Server Operating Systems: Linux (Amazon Linux, Red Hat, Debian/Ubuntu), BSD
  • Database Experience: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, SQLite, DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, CouchDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch
  • Additional: Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, Apache, Git, Mercurial, CVS, SVN, Jenkins, Bamboo, Trac, TeamCity, WSGI, Google AppEngine, Amazon AWS, ColdFusion, Perl (5).


Bachelor of Arts University of California Santa Barbara, CA Department of Geography — Behavioral Geography / GIS Concentration


Senior Software Engineer II October 2019 – Present PeopleConnect San Diego, CA


  • Senior Engineer for backend data processing team
  • Design and Manage database clusters
  • Lead efforts writing high performance go applications Product/Technology Highlights:
  • All backend services written in go.
  • All applications hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  • Utilize GKE, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Firewalls, VM Instances
  • Infrastructure deployments controlled with Terraform
  • CI/CD managed with GitHub Actions and Jenkins
  • Deep integrations with TransUnion, Experian and Pipl
  • Backend services handling 5000 requests per minute (peak)
  • Backend latencies 400ms (99th percentile), 150ms (90th percentile), 55ms (mean)
  • Serving all people connect brands plus 40 partners and affiliates.

Principal Engineer / Vice President of Technology August 2011 - July 2019 Search Optics LLC / UPTRACS Inc San Diego, CA

Created new marketing/campaign performance application for Search Optics. Application created new company: UPTRACS.


  • Actively coding as Principal Engineer
  • Manage team of 6+ developers and support engineers
  • Work directly with company owners and department leaders to plan and implement new products
  • Create new application development and operation processes
  • Conduct interviews and make hiring decisions
  • Oversee training curriculum
  • Approve all development activities Product/Technology Highlights:
  • Applications are 100% hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • AWS Infrastructure - 6 Regions, >100 EC2 instances
  • Utilize EC2, ECS. RDS, S3, CloudFront, RDS, ElastiCache, Cloud Watch, CloudFormation, SQS, SWF, and more
  • CI/CD managed with Bamboo
  • Search Optics vehicle inventory system with 1.2 million vehicles. MySQL with Elasticsearch
  • Search Optics automobile dealer CMS application backed by CouchDB and Elasticsearch
  • UPTRACS analytics tracking for 4,000+ domains System manages 42,000 marketing phone numbers
  • Integrated with multiple phone/call providers. (Avanser, CallMetrics, CallSource, Calltracks, Dialoga, DIDWW, DirectCall, Plivo, Twilio)
  • Serving customers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, UK, Ireland, and Mexico
  • Localization support (l10n) for 7 locales
  • iOS / Android application (Cordova with angular 1.x)

Senior Software Developer January 2008 - July 2011 Bridgepoint Education San Diego, CA

Member of a specially assembled research and developer team to create a company wide programming framework and methodology.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Created VMWare LAMP (RHEL 5.2) development environment
  • Developed code coverage and unit testing standards for PHP software using xDebug and phpUnit
  • Wrote custom unit testing framework to assist developers in choosing which tests to run, and debug failing test.
  • Assisted with coding standard ‘sniffs’ using phpCS
  • Created an ant build script system to simplify testing and distributing
  • Co-administered continuous integration servers (2) phpUnderControl on top of Cruise Control distributed builds with
  • Researched competing CI products (TeamCity, Bamboo and Hudson)
  • Defined software development lifecycle patterns

Consultant November 2005 - June 2008 San Diego Padres (Consultant) San Diego, CA

Created custom web application baseball statistical analysis tool kit for the San Diego Padres. Also created a custom windows desktop application for baseball scouting data collection.

Product/Technology Highlights

  • PHP5 server with PostgreSQL DB running on SUSE/Ubuntu Linux
  • Extensive Object Oriented PHP5 methodology.
  • AJAX Multi-user login / permission
  • Per user customizable interface
  • Configured new servers from scratch. Apace2.2 w/ SSL and WebDav(SVN)
  • SVN repository Maintain Edgewall Trac knowledge base and ticketing system
  • Windows baseball scouting data application: WxPython / SQLite based
  • Automatic Updates
  • Database Synchronization
  • Automatic error trapping, logging, and online reporting
  • Several WxPython windows utilities for keeping database up to date
  • Daily import several Lotus Notes data sources via LotusODBC thru Ruby/Python

Manager of Software Development / IT Manager October 2005 - January 2007 Super Warehouse San Diego, CA

Managed team of 4 application developers, and two IT infrastructure personnel. Responsible for interviewing and making hiring and termination recommendations. Reported directly to CEO/President.

Primary responsibilities

  • Coordinated, installed and maintained cluster of four Linux (Ubuntu) web servers, plus two static content servers (Ubuntu), two development/staging servers (Fedora/Ubuntu) and multiple MSSQL and IIS servers.
  • Took over development and coordination all software development.
  • All existing projects in Coldfusion v5.
  • Creation of formalized software development methodology and culture. (Agile methodology Scrum.)
  • Implemented software version control (SVN) system where none existed.
  • Implemented issue tracking (phpBT) system where none existed.
  • Created a software release process where none existed. Consisting of a development server, test server & two layers of QA processes.
  • Google Adwords API integration.
  • SOAP API integration with (CRM), IngramMicro (Supplier) and TechData (Supplier)

Application Engineer July 2002 - October 2005 Cymer, Inc.(Consultant) San Diego, CA

Consultant position to develop and assist IT department projects. Developed custom intranet application “Parametric Online Data" (POD) which collects assembly and testing data for all of Cymer’s Products.

Product/Technology Highlights

  • PHP front-end with PostgreSQL back-end on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS.
  • Utilizing PHP OO code as appropriate AJAX user interface
  • Custom XML parsing
  • Multi-Installations across several servers/continents
  • Repository syncing Dynamically de ned collection forms Dynamic reporting Multi-user logins Dynamic Security Roles Automated code and database patching Installation monitoring reports Real-time data exports to Excel Bug tracker integration

Secondary Projects

  • ‘eLibrary’ - Wrote windows application to synchronize document repository used by eld engineers
  • ‘Siebel Attachment Extract’ - Enhance and maintain small VB6 program responsible for extracting Siebel attachments for later processing.


Available upon request